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Picasso App – Applications, Tips, Positives, Negatives, FAQs [Complete Guide 2024]

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In this article, I am going to share with you about the Picasso App which you might have heard before too as it is a very popular entertainment app used by many users. After reading this article, you will come to know about every important information about Picasso.

Every minute detail that is important for you as a user of the app will shared here to assist you in using the app most efficiently.

Here we are not going to talk about the basics of the app which are mostly covered by most of the websites on the Internet. We are gonna talk about here about factual and important topics, definitely starting with some basics like what the Picasso app exactly is and what purpose it has.

Here we are gonna talk about the Picasso app, its benefits, and negatives it has, what could be the tips to use it efficiently and get the most out of it, this would be the ultimate guide on the Picasso app where you will be getting everything you want about this platform.

About Picasso App

Picasso is an online streaming live TV platform developed by PK Media Stream and this app is available for Android users only. Anyone can use the Picasso app to stream their favorite movies and shows on their device anytime and in different languages. You can stream content on Picasso from different OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. So, Picasso is an all-in-one platform to stream all your favorite content in one place.

Application of Picasso App

As we already stated above, Picasso is an online media-streaming platform that is used to stream content from different OTT platforms in one place which makes it ultimately useful for the users to watch content from different platforms in one place.




The Picasso app is used to stream content online anytime and anywhere in the desired quality absolutely free.

There is no strong evidence of whether the Picasso app is safe or not but in my opinion it is not safe for the users as there are no major security protocols to protect the user’s data.

It is totally up to you whether you want to use the Picasso app or not. We don’t support this app in any way and this article is just for the educational purpose.

There are no consequences to using the Picasso app but the benefits you can have by using the Picasso app are ad-free content streaming of different platforms in different languages and up to HD quality.

Should You Use the Picasso App?

Picasso is an amazing platform for those who are content freaks and loves to watch the latest movies, TV shows, sports, etc. as it allows the users to stream any content from any OTT for free. So, If we look at it from this perspective then it is an amazing application but there is another side of this too which I guess being a user you user know.

Picasso is a non-registered unofficial application developed by some third-party users and there is not much information available from the Picasso app about the user’s data security which is a major concern for the data privacy of the users.

Keeping this this mind, let us assume an example where you are using the Picasso app on your device, and due to XYZ reason your data starts to leak to the sources where you don’t want your data should be shared anyhow and this is the major concern while using the Picasso app.

As we already told you there is not much information available about the Picasso app’s user’s data safety and due to this it is just very uncertain to believe in its security.

Talking generally, such third-party apps contain some viruses also which might harm your device, affect its performance, and again pose a threat to your data that cannot be ignored.

I am not here to promote the Picasso app instead I want to you be educated about this enough so that at least you can see what you’re using and what could be the positives or negatives it contains that you may have to face.

Lastly, my unbiased opinion would be that you should research and observe yourself and then decide whether you want to use this app or not.


So, this was all about the Picasso app and we hope now you understand what the Picasso app is and what could be the positives and negatives of using it. Here we didn’t talk about the account creation and the login procedure in the app as those are very basic steps that anyone can follow to create an account and log into it.

I am neither favoring nor defaming the Picasso app instead just sharing my honest opinion about the app this article is just for educational purposes and nothing more than that. We hope you find this article interesting and helpful and if you did then share it with your friends who want to know about this app.